Your passion for adventure is one thing you can show-off with pride. Having Harley Davidson Patches is one of the best way to do it. Crazy to find out the best, the most sort out, the most expensive patches. Control your adrenalin as you scroll down.

1. LARGE Harley Pegasus Patch – ULTRA RARE – Authentic

Called as the ‘urban legend’ of patches, this is the most collectible patch. Its rear availability makes it most sought out patch out there. Its costs $650 in ebay making it one of the most expensive Harley Davidson Patches.


2. Classic Bar and Shield Harley Davidson Patch

Being the logo recognized all around the world, Bar and Shield Harley Davidson patch is the most popular patch. The timeless black and orange combination makes it more attractive and always popular. Depending upon its size, it costs you from $6 to $32.


3. Harley-Davidson #1 Patch

Emblazoned with American Flag design and words ‘Harley Davidson’ at the bottom, a number one patch stands out in your leather jacket. The white and red colors will provide good contrasts with any jackets. This is one of top sellers in Harley patches.


4. Waving Banner Harley Davidson Patch

White Harley Davidson written on the black and orange waving banner makes it great piece. A perfect patch to stitched on your sleeves. A small size might cost you around $6.


5. Ride Forever Upwing Eagle Lady Harley Patch

A classic look of eagle with pink bordering makes it a most sort out piece among women.

Other than these famous ones, also check for:

Black and white Harley Davidson patches

Harley davidson tribal eagal, chromium, crest, engine wings and eulogy patches are some of the best black and white Harley Davidson patches.

Favorite among ladies:

Along with Ride Forever Upwing Eagle Lady Harley Patch, some of the famous Harley Davidson patches for women riders are american beauty, diva wings patches.

Best places to buy:

eBay, patchstop(dot)com, cactusmountain(dot)com.

There are many more Harley Davidson Patches out there for your Jackets, bikes, shoes and caps, you have a huge collection to choose from. But an alternative would be buying all these things read-made with patches of Harley Davidson. Whatever, there is huge fun to ride with these Patches.